Functional Rehabilitation in Mill Creek, WA

What is Functional Rehabilitation?

Functional Rehabilitation in Mill Creek is performed by a certified athletic trainer. It is a great way to help you recuperate from an injury faster. The idea is to use a combination of Chiropractic and Kinesthetic training to get you back to your pre-injury status faster than using any single type of treatment alone.

We will assess your areas of weakness and make recommendations based on our observations. We will assess when you are ready to resume participation in your regular activities of daily living. We simulate these activities by using objective assessments of function that simulate the individual activity whenever possible. Lastly, with your goals met, we will teach you simple and low-tech ways to continue to take care of yourself at home.

Functional Rehabilitation in Mill Creek, WA

What Does it Cost?

Most insurance companies cover Functional Rehabilitation, or Functional Rehab, as part of your Chiropractic and Physical Medicine benefit. Because the therapy performed is under the guidance of your Chiropractor, it counts as one visit (when performed on the same day as a Chiropractic treatment).

A typical visit would include your regular Chiropractic visit and a 30 – 40 minute session with one of our Certified Athletic Trainers… all for one co-pay!

Not only do patients experience significantly increased healing from this approach, but they also extend/maximize the value using their insurance benefits. It’s a win/win!

How do I get started?

Simple! Just ask the Receptionist to verify your benefits, and consult with one of our Chiropractors to see if you have a medical reason to initiate treatment.

Not yet a patient? Call 425-742-6034 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a doctor.